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Accounting & Finance

We offer our services to individuals who need help deciding how to solve some wide array of problems that arise by analyzing and applying financial strategies that fit their situation. We assess your financial needs and provide you with a wide range of options. We work with you to define your Dreams, Develop your Plan and help you Track your Progress. We also provide guidance to both business and non-profit entities to help them with their investment decisions. We do this by conducting a thorough assessment of economic and business performance and financial analysis of companies and industries for the firms and institutions with money to invest. In so doing, we assist in determining the most appropriate investment portfolio and financing mix for each client.

Financing mix varies from client to client – from equity to debt, from short to long- term loan and line of credit or from start up to acquisition financing, while a portfolio may range from a conservative one like government bonds to the aggressive stocks. In so doing, we provide practical solutions and strategies that enable our clients make prudent money winning decisions from an informed position leading them to achieve their critical lifelong financial dream and solvency.

At MPC, we believe that the success of both business and a project depends critically upon effort, care and skills you apply in its initial planning. Our professionals will therefore work with you all the way to your success. We shall assist develop your vision, goals, objectives, strategies and tactics, implementation and evaluation plan and schedules for your project or business and operations plans. We shall go all the way just for you. Specific services include the following:

 Accounts design
 Quick Books
 Payroll Services partnering with PAYCHEX

Specifically we do work on day to day accounting needs including entering income and expenditure into quick books and ultimately generate income statements for your business. We can also do your Payroll Services which may include printing checks for your employees and computing and paying your payroll taxes both Federal and States. We have partnered with PAYCHEX, a payroll company with over 40 years’ experience to handle your payroll efficiently and effectively.

For details please contact MPC at phone:617-389-4417/617-294-5084, fax: 617-600-4728
or email: consultants@multiprofessionals.com